Javascript Splice Function

Javascript splice function

JavaScript Splice function is use to add and remove the elements in the Javascript Array. In order to remove elements first parameter in splice is the position and second parameter is the number of elements to remove. Example #1: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <p id=”splice”></p> <script> var array = [“Java”, “Node”, “PHP”, “Python”, “Mongo”]; array.splice(2,2); …

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MYSQL Create Table || MYSQL Create Database

MYSQL Create Database

Mysql is a relational database.It stands for “My Structured Query Language”.If we want to use mysql database with php,than we have to install one of the web server solution stack package “XAMP” or “WAMP”.As php is server-side language.So we can manipulate mysql database with php to MySQL Create Table. Database Connection: A function mysql_connect is …

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